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DFPI #603-G957
DFPI #603-G957

Your Partner in Growth Capital

We Invest in the Future of Your Business

Breathe Easier, We Have The Working Capital You Need For Your Business

Your business is expanding but could you grow faster and easier with more working capital? Whether you are concerned about paying for inventory, employee payroll, or bills, it is hard to support increased demand without the necessary working capital.

Traditional bank financing does not work well for companies experiencing fast growth. This is largely a result of analyzing past business results to determine future credit worthiness. Oxygen Funding uses a very different evaluation process which allows us to approve and grow in step with our growing clients.

For over 13 years, Oxygen Funding as a direct lender and companies like yours have partnered to support business growth. Many of our clients graduate over time to traditional bank financing when their business and growth rates can qualify.

We invest in your success. We have many friends who provide all kinds of services to businesses. We will match you to a qualified and vetted professional as needed (CFO, CPA, attorney, marketing, etc).

We watch out for your business so you can focus on your customers!

Get the Growth Financing Your Business Needs, and Deserves.

Our process is simple and transparent.

Step 1: Schedule Your Discovery Call

On the call, you’ll talk and we’ll listen. Then we’ll decide the best financing plan for you and follow up with the next steps.

Step 2: We Collect Information About Your Business

In order to determine if your business is a good fit for Oxygen Funding, we will need to collect several pieces of information about your business. It all begins when you fill out an application.

Step 3: Your Growth Financing Becomes Real

If your business passes the review then we’ll start financing your growth. How it looks, terms and the financing path will all depend on your business and what your greatest financial needs are.

Meet Our Executive Team

Adam Lomax

Adam founded Oxygen Funding as a direct accounts receivable finance organization nearly 13 years ago. We expanded into accounts payable and revenue finance over time. We are known for excellent client centered service that results in much better than industry average retention and return rates. Adam is known as an excellent listener and strong problem solver. Prior to Oxygen Funding, Adam was an executive in a 50 state insurance company and VP of Information Services for a 50 state wholesale and retail commercial insurance firm. He graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Greg Salomon

All of our clients and staff have benefited from Greg’s help and influence since 2020. Leading the sales team, Greg generated the highest volume of sales for Primary Funding. Greg’s entire 25-year career has been in the non-Prime Lending space, predominantly with publicly traded companies and well-established Factoring Companies. Throughout his career, he has generated hundreds of millions in revenue for these organizations. Greg has a Bachelor of Science in Management and a minor in communication from Fresno State.

Oxygen Funding Supporting Local Businesses

When Onyx Motor Bikes, an innovator in the transportation industry based out of Los Angeles, needed capital to keep up with their growing product demand, they sought assistance from Oxygen Funding. These eco-friendly motorbikes are a sustainable alternative to gas-powered motorcycles, revolutionizing the way we travel. With electric power driving their bikes, Onyx Motor Bikes is making waves in the transportation industry.

Investing In the Community

Not only do we invest in your business, but we also invest in our community. Each year, we are dedicated to donating a portion of our revenue to support small businesses throughout Orange County and San Diego.

Get Started

If you would like more information about us just complete our FAST and EASY application or simply call us at (800) 790-3419 and we will get back to you within 24 hours.