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A Factoring Thank You For 2012

December 17, 2012 by  

What makes the factoring business enjoyable?  Don D’Ambrosio shares his answer in this year end thank you.

Wow, time flies and we are looking at closing out another year. Many articles this time of year tend to focus on reflection, comparing estimates to actual results and anticipating the New Year.

This year I would like to take a slightly different approach.

So often in the factoring business we focus a majority of our time and efforts on evaluating the risk. In previous articles I’ve written about avoiding surprises and the need to stay out of routines to avoid that bad deal. We are constantly looking over our shoulders to make sure we have properly underwritten the deal and carefully filed our paperwork accordingly. I promise the remainder of this article will not focus on tax liens, notice of assignments or purchase and security agreements

But wait.

What about all of those great clients and account debtors that make our factoring business so enjoyable?

Any factor who has successfully funded a good, reliable client knows what I’m talking about. These clients are always on their game. Their invoices are punctual, easy to verify and typically pay within the terms of their agreements. But more important than just the mechanics of servicing their account, these clients appreciate you as much as you appreciate them. They thank you for funding their schedule and will always go out of their way to help you whenever there is a discrepancy with a cash receipt.

Fortunately our company is loaded with these types of clients that make coming to work every day a real pleasure. To them we say thank you, and to the others, we will strive to win you over in 2013.

Also, I would like to express a very special thank you to the folks at Factoring Investor for allowing me to write for their e-letter. They allow me to just blab about any factoring subject that comes to mind on a monthly basis. To them and to you, the reader, we wish you a very happy holiday season and prosperous New Year.

Don D’Ambrosio is the president of Oxygen Funding, Inc., an invoice factoring company located in Lake Forest, California.

For more information, he can be reached at or you can visit his company’s website at



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