"I want to express how impressed I am with your company. You are on top of everything we need to succeed. Knowing that we have a partner ready, willing and able to help us is well worth the price of admission!"
Kevin M. Irvine, CA distributor of manufactured products

"Oxygen Funding is truly an 'A' rated factoring company that faithfully has exceeded our weekly demands for over 3 years with great response time and excellent service. I recommend them to any size and type of company."
Carlos G., Texas based cable installation company

"I have been working with Oxygen Funding for some time now and they never disappoint. They always take care of my borrower and I hope every business owner that can take advantage of their service – does. "
Carla U. small business lending specialist

"Oxygen Funding has been instrumental in our plan to rebuild our business after a difficult year. They work closely with us and are very responsive to our needs. We just have to keep working with them and the light of day is around the corner."
Tom D. - Glendale, CA based media company

"Oxygen Funding is always very responsive to our requirements with service that is second to none. We especially value their professionalism when dealing with our clients. Oxygen is a strong ally for us in cash flow and the growth of our company."
Elden L. - Corona, CA based - office supplies and service

"As a consultant and broker, I have many choices where I can place my deals. Why I select Oxygen Funding is because Don D'Ambrosio always goes the extra mile to make my clients feel like they are getting the best possible care and rates. In addition, Oxygen doesn't just take the easy deals - they work hard to foster the "Let's get the deal done" philosophy."
Rocky S., Chicago, IL based Factoring Broker

"Oxygen Funding has been a great partner for our business. Oxygen has allowed us to work with larger companies that demand net 30 or longer terms with their vendors while keeping our cash flow positive."
Shawn A., Costa Mesa, CA based IT service and solutions provider

"If any business needs cash flow, they should call Oxygen Funding. They get my company cash for our invoices in less than 24 hours and handle all of the collections. Their staff explained the entire process and worked out a funding program specifically to meet our needs. Now I can focus my time on sales and running my company. Thanks Oxygen Funding, you guys are great!"
Nicole H., Arcadia , CA based apparel manufacturer

"We have been dealing with Oxygen Funding, Don D'Ambrosio, and Adam Lomax for approximately one year to date. Over the past 30 years we have been in business they are one of our top companies. To date we have dealt with, or currently have dealings with, over 350 companies. Professionalism, Expertise, Knowledge, Service, and Dependability are some of their attributes. I would recommend Oxygen Funding to anyone who is looking for a 5 star Accounts Receivable finance company."
Dominick D, Neptune, NJ based commercial finance consultant

"As an Independent Contractor in today's economic climate, its difficult when you have clients who pay in 60 days or more. Oxygen Funding has gone above and beyond funding: they personally oversaw and tailored the factoring setup process with my client. When it would normally take months to get paid, with Oxygen, invoice amount payments are over-nighted direct. The staff, including Don D'Ambrosio, have been very friendly and courteous every step along the way."
Jason T., Stamford, CT based web designer

"My challenge as a small consulting business is not about getting the work but rather getting paid in a timely way without having to track down invoices. I have lots of work but don't always have the cash that goes with it! Now, with Oxygen Funding working with me, I don't have to spend my time worrying about cash flow and I can focus on giving my clients quality work."
Karen B., Pittsburgh, PA based architectural firm

"I could not have "partnered up" with a better organization. From the top to the bottom, the Oxygen Finance Team was the epitome of service...service and more service! I will recommend you to all my other business associates. Thanks...again guys."
Mike W. - Kennesaw, GA based government services provider

"It has been our pleasure to work with Oxygen Funding for all of our business needs. Adam and the entire staff have been truly wonderful to work with. They are efficient, courteous, and extremely professional when dealing with our clients. We have previously worked with a competitor and were very unhappy with their services. I would recommend Oxygen Funding to any business owner large or small."
Amy B., Marlboro, NJ based provider of speech therapy services

"I've had the pleasure of working with Oxygen Funding for over a year and have found president, Don D'Ambrosio to be fair, honest, and focused on treating clients with integrity and respect. I have learned to trust Don's judgment and perspective, gained from both his lengthy business experience and simple common sense."
Jeff C., Seattle, WA based factor

"Oxygen Funding has been a breath of fresh air! The staff is friendly and efficient. They are so easy to work with it makes funding a breeze!"
Teresa A., Birmingham, AL based HVAC service company

"Oxygen Funding has been a joy to work with. They have taken the time to explain each facet of their funding procedures and are always ready to answer questions. They are friendly and knowledgeable and I would recommend them to anyone looking for professional funding solutions with a strong customer service attitude."
Crystal R., Key West, FL based staffing company

"Oxygen Funding lives up to their promise to treat each client as their most valued client. Oxygen Funding is right on time every time we call."
Todd L., Portland, OR based lead marketing firm

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