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Credit Trends From Both Sides of the Deal

One the most important aspects in closing any new factoring deal is approving the credit quality of the account debtors. At the end of the day, these are the folks that will be paying you for the invoices your client … Continue reading

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A Call to Factoring Brokers — What’s Up?

In the past I’ve written about the pivotal role a factoring broker can play in the cash flow industry. In my November 2011 piece titled, “A How to Guide For Factoring Brokers”, we received an overwhelming response from interested people … Continue reading

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Surprises in the Factoring Industry Aren’t Always a Good Thing

When most of us hear the word surprise, it is usually associated with a good feeling that was unexpected. In the business world, surprises sometimes have a very different meaning that does not have the same good feeling associated with … Continue reading

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A How To Guide For Factoring Brokers

About a month ago, I posted a discussion on LinkedIn about how to become a factoring broker or consultant in the invoice factoring industry. Specifically, we put together a guide for new and current brokers titled, “Guide to Wholesale Factoring.” … Continue reading

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Looking For New Factoring Deals? Look Inside First!

Where are the invoice factoring deals? Whether I’m conducting a cash flow workshop or networking with colleagues, this questions seems to come up at least once per event. With the recent downturn in the economy and banks constricting lending, invoice … Continue reading

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Starting Your Own Factoring Business? It’s Your Call

At some point in our working lives many of us think about starting a business and being our own boss. The thought of working for yourself seems so attractive to many because you get the chance to pursue your dream, … Continue reading

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